Eczema Facts
James M, Wayne, NJ USA:

Fantastic product, works very well on me...enjoy purely all-natural eczema health remedy, did not see any nasty side effect.

Billy R. M, Markham, ON Canada:

Finally I found this Great product!

I have tried everything I could find for my psoriasis, hydrocortisone works only temporarily and all the itching and redness come back immediately once I stop using it, which making me feel even worse. Last month, my friend recommended Aracus to me, OMG, it relieves my skin in seconds and last for a month already…. Plus Affordable price to pay for this amazing and quick result. Definitely will buy it again…

Jeanette C, Richmond Hill, ON Canada:

My baby boy is 6 months old, he started to develop eczema at 8 weeks. His skin especially the face has been red and rough. Then I started using Aveeno lotion and wash. But his skin condition became worse. I switched to Eucerin which seems relieve his discomfort but didn't take the roughness and dryness away. I took him to the doctor, but for the baby at his age, doctor suggested conservative approach without any actual treatment. I happened to see Aracus in Pharmacy, and bought a bottle to try. I put it on him several times a day, just like I did with the ones I previously tried on him. The first day, his face was no longer red or rough, still appeared a bit dry. By the second day I used this cream, his skin was soft, and no longer dry. I will keep using Aracus for as long as I have to. I love how it helped my baby.

Xiang S, Toronto, ON Canada:

I have to say I am a picky girl in terms of choosing cosmetics or anything intended to apply on my face. To treat my Seasonal allergic dermatitis, I only trust the products with Health Canada issued NPN#, or the products contains ingredients from nature sources. Luckily, I got Aracus cream which offering both. I have been using it since October, so far so good.

C. W., Toronto, ON Canada:

I started to have crack, red, and rash skin on my fingers and hands for over 6 years. It’s getting worse in every fall and winter. I have tried almost all the eczema cream available on the markets. The skin condition still could not be improved. I had to use prescribed steroid medicine desoximetasone to relief the symptoms. But eczema comes back after I stop using steroid.

After using desoximatasone on and off for almost one year, I found ARACUS eczema cream. Immediately it stopped the itchy. After continuously for one week, the eczema on the fingers disappeared and never come back again. Now my hands still have a bit rash sometimes but my skin never peeled off and most important, I stopped using steroid since I used ARACUS.

Thank you for solving my chronic eczema problem. I will definitely continue using ARACUS!

XG, China:

谢谢你这么棒的产品。 每年冬天,我八岁的女儿手臂,身体和腿部都会有湿疹。 她有最严重的湿疹,经常引起皮肤溃烂。 过去我们给了她市面上最流行的儿童湿疹膏和中药。 然而,除非我们给她强烈的类固醇,否则湿疹仍然无法预防或缓解。

我的朋友上个月向我们推荐了ARACUS湿疹膏。 我们开始在她平时有湿疹的地方使用。 冬天已经到了, 到目前为止,我女儿还没有像过去几年一样发展出炎症, 发痒或皮肤龟裂。 我祈祷并将继续使用ARACUS。 希望今年湿疹再不回来。 希望你们再接再厉,保持良好的工作。 我相信你,ARACUS!

Thank you for such a great product. Every winter, my 8 years daughter would have eczema on her arms, body and legs. She has the most serious eczema that would fester quickly. In the past, we gave her the most popular eczema cream for kids as well as traditional Chinese medicine. However, eczema could not be prevented or relieved unless we gave her the strong steroids.

My friend recommended ARACUS cream to us last month. We started to apply the cream on the areas where she normally had eczema. Winter is here already. So far, my daughter has not developed inflammation, itchy or crack skin as she always had in the past years. I am crossing my finger and will continue use ARACUS. Hopefully this year we could stop eczema. Keep up the good work. I trust you, ARACUS!

J.L. China:


I am a seventy-eight-year-old with pruritus on both legs and eczema. A few weeks after my daughter gave me ARUCAS, my dryness was relieved and my eczema did not recur. Great product!